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About ABRI

The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2008 to promote responsible environmental management of batteries at end of life.

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Watts Batteries

Watts Batteries recycle a variety of car, home and commercial batteries.

Batteries are made up of heavy metals and other toxic elements, including nickel, cadmium, alkaline, mercury, nickel metal hydride, and lead acid. It is these elements that can threaten our environment if not properly discarded and/or recycled. Batteries which end up in landfills leak into the environment, causing a serious health risk to humans and animals. As a result, leading members of the battery industry joined together to set up a national battery collection and recycling scheme.

Watts Batteries is part of an independent group of businesses working to provide better solutions for sustainability. As such they are proud Gold Members of ABRI, The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative. ABRI was formed by a group of battery manufacturers, recyclers, retailers, government bodies and environmental groups to promote the collection, recycling and safe disposal of all batteries. We offer a drop off service for local residents of Sydney plus a collection service for larger quantities.

Telephone 02 95262752
Battery Recycling Types

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