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Resources for used lead acid battery recycling

ABRI has produced a series of publications to promote responsible recycling of used lead acid batteries. These can all be downloaded at no charge from the website:
Responsible recycling of used lead acid batteries (4 pages): legal requirements, insurance, workplace health & safety, packaging, risk management, chain of custody requirements.
Packaging standard for used lead acid batteries (12 pages): general handling requirements, pallets, packaging & strapping, labelling, transport documentation, FAQ, examples of good and bad packaging.
The battery recycling process : (2 pages)a description of the ULAB recycling process and a simple flow diagram.
Dealing with other battery types (4 pages): an illustrated list of non-lead acid battery types, their applications and recyclability.
Regulations (2 pages): a brief summary of hazardous waste and dangerous goods regulations for ULAB.
Safe handling (1 page): The importance of safe handling, PPE, hygiene and first aid.
Safe storage (2 pages): general regulatory requirements, premise requirements and risk management strategies.
Safe transportation (2 pages): complying with regulations, transport documentation, packaging and other requirements.
Security risks (2 pages): managing chemicals of security concern (including sulphuric acid), what you can do, 5 tips to secure your chemicals and waste products.
Find a recycler (1 page): a list of ABRI members who will collect and recycle ULAB.
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