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Battery Stewardship

Responsible management of batteries from design through to its end of life.

Why a National Scheme is Important

To ensure safe and responsible recovery of all types of waste batteries

Experience in other jurisdictions shows a centralised national scheme is more successful in creating consistent processes necessary for a safe and effective recovery process. It also means recovery is focused not only batteries with a high resource recovery value (lead acid), but also problematic batteries such as lithium.

To manage batteries effectively & efficiently

For battery brand owners, a national approach will create a level playing field and will be easier to navigate, report and show success. A well designed national scheme can also foster industry development in the recycling sector, rather than creating a race to the bottom as has occurred in other jurisdictions.

To ensure coordinated success

A national network with scheme awareness is central to success. A strong single brand and awareness program will create a culture of battery recovery in our day to day habits. Australian’s have shown they want to recycle batteries, but they need to know where to take them. A national scheme can deliver.