Chunxing is in the process of building its own Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) recycling facility at Hazelwood North in Victoria. The facility will use patented Secondary Lead Smelting Technology supplied by New Chunxing Resource Recycling Group. Chunxing Group is the second-largest ULAB recycler in the world and the largest in China. Lead and plastic contained in ULABs will be recycled with around 99.5% of the Lead present in each battery recycled in this process.

Chunxing’s Hazelwood North plant will be a full recycling facility, which will produce value-added products, all the way to refined Lead ingots and alloys. The Lead will be returned to battery manufacturers, supporting a circular economy. The facility plans to process 50,000 tonnes per year of ULABs and recycle them into 28,000 tonnes of refined Lead and alloys per year.