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About ABRI

The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2008 to promote responsible environmental management of batteries at end of life.

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Ecycle Solutions Pty Ltd

Ecycle Solutions are specialists in the collection and recycling of ewaste and expanded polystyrene (EPS) Australia wide.

As a Co-Regulator of Australia’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme for the past 7-8 years, we help some of the biggest television/computer retailers recycle their ‘end-of-life’ electronics. The collection and recycling of compliant ewaste products is a free service to the public and small businesses.

Ecycle Solutions is also the largest EPS recycler in Australia. As a ‘one stop shop’ for the collection and recycling of EPS, we prevent this waste going to landfill where it takes over 700 years to break down. The head extrusion machines at each of our facilities around Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, reduces the EPS to 2% of its original size, creating material which can be used to create picture frames, decking and furniture.

ABN 22114199334

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