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About Batteries

Learn more about the types of batteries being used and how best to manage them.

Alkaline – primary (single use)


  • Single use or ‘primary’ battery
  • Commonly used in handheld devices


  • Manganese, zinc, potassium hydroxide


  • Loss of valuable resources
  • Very low potential risk of fire: if damaged or terminals short circuit
  • Prohibited from landfill in the European Union and some states in the US

Storage of used button cell batteries in the home

  • Cover terminals with tape to prevent short circuit and minimise risk of fire
  • Store out of reach and stored out of each of children


  • Close to 100% of the materials can be recycled and there is a well-established infrastructure for collection and recycling.

Collection rate

  • 1.6%

Recycling rate

  • 99% if recycled

UN Number

  • 2795


  • Duracell, Energizer, Fujitsu, Panasonic, etc

Health and safety

Examples of Alkaline batteries can be seen in the photo below.  Notice that the terminals are taped to protect them from short circuit and minimise the risk of fire.