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About ABRI

The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2008 to promote responsible environmental management of batteries at end of life.

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The Activ Group

Supply Chain and Sustainability Solutions provider to manufacturers, brands, retailers and business

Experts in the circular economy, The Activ Group works closely with manufacturers, brands, retailers, and their supply chain partners to design turn-key solutions to manage the product and materials lifecycle.

Our role is to ensure the effective control of products and materials from the point of sale in the market (‘gate’) and its subsequent distribution and fulfillment, through to end-of-life resource recovery, back to ‘cradle’ for remanufacture or reformation.

This end-to-end capability and experience give The Activ Group a unique perspective on solving complex problems at each point in the chain, across multiple sectors and industries.

We embed sustainable practices and environmental principles into the day-to-day business activity for organisations in a way that is commercially viable. An important component of product stewardship is to ensure that all programs address key audit, risk and compliance requirements together with the highest standards of environmental recovery and closed-loop waste management practices.

This ‘gate to cradle’ capability encompasses the following service lines:

• Supply Chain, Business Process Design & Management
• Order fulfilment, e-commerce and delivery
• After-sales service and support, triage, warranty and returns management (including recalls)
• Reverse Logistics
• Asset Management
• Product reuse, remarketing and recycling programs
• Events and campaigns
• Call Centre and Help Desk operations
• Producer Responsibility scheme design and operation
• Ecoactiv Product Recovery and Stewardship
• Vendor Procurement, contract and performance management
• Audit and Assurance services, compliance and regulatory
• Digital Technology & Online Solutions including software development and SAAS
• Consulting and Advisory

The Ecoactiv Digital Platform ( is a first of its kind innovation that brings together all stakeholders, services and options across the waste hierarchy into one growing ecosystem and integrated product stewardship hub. It is a ‘whole of house’, ‘whole of building’, ‘whole of business’ solution that centralises the booking, collection and disposal of all product and waste streams into one simple platform interface.

The Platform manages:
1. Company-wide internal waste management ‘upstream’ processes at each store level and across its back of house warehouse operations
2. All front of house, external customer-facing stewardship and circular economy programs (for reuse and recycling) from consumers, households and businesses.

One Platform and Data source that can govern all waste activity and vendors, including auditing and validation of downstream activity. We provide visibility and reporting to management to drive improvements.

For Brands and Retailers, we provide turn-key capability to
• Use our consumer engagement platform capability to offer reuse and recycling services as a new service line, in a simple, effective and frictionless way
• Provide additional services to customers and generate revenue
• Turn product stewardship into a brand-enhancing CSR program
• Acquire new customers
• The platform algorithms and rules increase foot traffic to stores for specific drop off services whilst diverting other waste streams away from retail locations through intelligent streaming of waste

Telephone +61410555671
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